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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

All about Path of Exile

Official Path of Exile Skill Tree

Path of Exile Skill Tree

The greatest and most interesting feature of Path of Exile is the elaborate skill tree. It is unmatched and allows a wide diversity of characters for the game. You can have 2 different Mauraders (character built on Strength) with completely different skill trees, allowing for different play style.

Why Choose Starting Classes given elaborate Skill Tree?

Answered in the FAQ, there 3 reasons for choosing your Starting class.
1)starting position on the skill tree, thus determining easy to get passive nodes
2)Starting attribute allocation
3)What skills you get from quests.

Despite the complexity, the skill tree should not deters those who just want a quick fun as it is simple for amateur gamers.

Furthermore, I tested it and it works in Windows 8 so you may get it on the newest laptop.

Text Wiki of the Passive Skill

Video on the Skill Tree

Interesting Facts

There are no gold in the game. You are logically bankrupt and can only barter for better items. Furthermore, in the hardcode or the YOLO (you only live once) mode, you do not die but get converted to a normal mode. This might make it less fun but think about it. Dying is never fun.

Growing Interests

The interests in Path of Exile is growing rapidly. A user also declares his interest in Twitter to create a Path of Exile wiki. It is recommended to visit the Path of Exile forum for the latest updates, suggestions and discussions on this great game! One thing to note is that Path of Exile is still in beta. However, no beta keys required and you may just play the game.

Path of Exile Forum

If you like the technical computation to get the best character, Google Code has a project to plan and get the best out of the available skill points. This should allows you to think in advance what sort of characters you wish to play along the advancement.

Google Code Project for Skill Tree Planner

It is so popular now that even Forbes (a financial focused website) mentioned about it here

What to do now?

Register and Download the Path of Exile Beta now!

video sur la presentation des personnages sur dofus.wmv

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